Canadian Citizenship


To apply for citizenship, you must meet certain eligibility criteria and complete an application.

In order to apply for Canadian citizenship you must:

  • Be over 18 years of age
  • Provide proof that you know how to speak and write in 1 of Canada’s official languages (either English or French)
  • Be a Permanent Resident (PR)
  • Declare that you plan to live in Canada after you become a citizen
  • Have lived in Canada as a PR for at least 4 years out of the 6 years (1,460 days) before you apply
  • Be physically present in Canada for at least 183 days of each year during the 4-year period
  • Have filed your taxes for at least 4 years during the last 6 years and any income tax you may owe must be paid
  • Apply for citizenship from within Canada

Our firm will professionally prepare your citizenship application, calculate your physical presence in Canada and provide answers to the most challenging issues that you may have.


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